We don't do November (except Lachlan's birthday).

We don't do November. 

It used to be my favourite time of year. After all I was born on Melbourne Cup, and have celebrated my birthday several times with the race that stops a nation. Luke's birthday is the day after mine, and Lachlan's birthday was just over a week after that! The weather is warming up, people are out and about, spring is in full swing with life thriving around us and Christmas is just around the corner. It was such a busy and celebratory time for us for a long time.

November is also when Lachlan drowned and died. I hate my birthday, I hate November and as prepared as I feel each year, as much as I may try to turn the anniversaries around to be positive and meaningful, it generally sends me spiraling in the wrong direction. 3 years on and I would still gladly spend the whole month in bed... with 1 exception!

Lachlan's birthday is the most important date in November for me. It's hard when people don't remember or acknowledge his birthday especially as more time passes. Wouldn’t that break your heart if the day your child was born no longer seemed to matter to those around you? Celebrating his life has always been more important to me than remembering his death. The fact they are only 2 days apart can make that tricky. 

My birthday, however, is a different story. How do you celebrate life without one of your children? It's something I hope 1 day to be able to navigate because I can't for the moment imagine being ok that Lachlan isn't here to make me whole.. so for the moment we don't do November. X

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