Lachlan James


Born: 6.12pm, 12th November 2012
Died: 6.15pm, 10th November 2015

Lachlan was an energetic, sensitive, adventurous, bright little boy with a love of life. The only child and only grandchild for both families, he was very much loved, adored and the centre of our universe!

He was a typical boisterous toddler in a lot of ways but there was a sweet nature there. Whether it be doting on daddy because he was sick, grabbing mum in a headlock to cover her face in kisses or kissing all his toys goodbye before we could leave, he loved to love. Lachlan thrived on making people laugh with his silly antics and crazy dance moves. Especially 2 of his favourite people, Nan and Poppa, who with their time together, always made him feel like the luckiest boy in the world. He was inquisitive and enjoyed being helpful with every day activities. Poppa enjoyed this just as much as Lachlan did.

He was hypermobile which meant his ligaments were abnormally flexible requiring extra effort on his part each day to build up muscle tone and achieve milestones other kids might sail through. Lachlan had been in physiotherapy from approximately 9 months old with occupational and speech therapies as he progressed. After 2 years he had caught up to his peers in some areas and was progressing well in others. He had a quiet determination and a smile on his face that made every milestone that much more special.

We used to say we couldn’t imagine life without Lachlan. Then one day, just like that, he was gone. His absence is felt every moment of every day. 

We miss his face.

We miss his voice.

We miss his smell.

We miss his warmth.

A light snuffed out way too soon.

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More information about Lachlan;

Favourite colour; Yellow
Favourite toys; Hot Wheels, T-Rex, Little People
Favourite TV Shows; Peppa Pig, Wiggles
Favourite Songs; Happy, Let it Go and anything by the Wiggles.
Favourite Movies; Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Minions. 
Favourite Places; Home, Park, Nan&Poppa's, Zoo.
Favourite Activities; Reading, Painting, Dress Ups, Digging, Chasing Birds.